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Create scientific and technological private enterprises through the "3 fields" of pharmaceutical intermediates,
flame retardant intermediates and pesticide intermediates, and move towards the capital market.

Nest to attract phoenixes, sea into all rivers, wide accumulation of talents, create a well-known brand.


Hubei JinRuiJing Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established on December 28, 2020, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, construction investment of 380 million yuan, planning land of 170 mu, industrial land of 120 mu, located in Jiangling County, Hubei Province, Haoxue Town Merchants Avenue (Yanjiang Industrial Park). The scope of production and operation is based on biotechnology chemical intermediates (excluding hazardous chemicals) and fine chemical (pharmaceutical intermediates) as the main body...

  • 2020Year
    Established in
  • 170Mu
    Planning sites
  • 120Mu
    Industrial land


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General Manager (legal representative) :
Guo Jincheng +86-15872114844
sales manager: Tian Jun +86-15927738088
E-mail: sales@jinruijing.com

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